A Form Constant

by Partner Artifact

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For god's sake if you want to hear it correctly listen to it through headphones or a good speaker system. Recorded from December 2012 to June 2013 in Idaho in a small isolated shack infested with wasps and vermin. The drum tracks were recorded live in a church in Meridian, Idaho in January and February 2013. Some tracks were improvised while others had a clear blueprint of their construction. In addition, lyrics to roughly one or two tracks were composed using cut ups. No software was used in this album's construction, these are all analog compositions. Dedicated to jibber jabber, mumbo jumbo and Erzebet Melldonn.


released July 19, 2013

All songs written and composed by Jacobb and Ashley Sackett.
Jacobb Sackett - Vocals, Guitars, Drums and Rhythms, Synthesizers, FX
Ashley Sackett - Bass, Steel Guitar, Synthesizers, Circuit Bent items, FX

Slevin Truggy - Engineering (for Drum tracks)

Mixed and Mastered by Partner Artifact

Artwork by Soul Asphyx Arts



all rights reserved


Partner Artifact Boise, Idaho

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Track Name: Sus
Love is a pig
Religion says there's billions of them at any time
There's that certain saltiness in desperation
Some rich and alive
Of all the wonderful, thus we are swine
In its own filth grave consequences await
Love wallows, it can arrest you
Reminds you love is a pig
Pink and tender, never fulfilled
Through gentle persuading, at any given time
Love is a pig
Track Name: Chameleon, Too
Why do you tighten your grip?
When life already has begun to slip
So this is heaven, no wait I'm conscious again
I'm a chameleon too
My skin can turn blue
Why don't you finish it?
It's taking so long, I wish you would quit
There's no expression, just seeing things through
I'm a chameleon too
My skin can turn blue
Track Name: Dental Dam Fricative
Voiced or voiceless and became with no choices
The slit fricative, sealed dental dam
Without vibrations, the color wheel
Binding noose, the foundations of fortune
This is the rarity of it all
The postmortem flower explosion
Old flesh turns botanical
Still enduring under made that way eyes
Your peak was your thorns
You've become the rarest species
Track Name: Animal Organ
In the middle flanks, a viscus
Looks like an animal
Moves itself hither and thither
Bubbling to the thorax flesh
Moves to the liver or spleen
The animal within the animal
A mind within a mind
The wandering organ
Moisten the hysteria
Track Name: Chemical Cough
Been a minute since I smoked melted plastic
I can't remember the last time I've been impressed
By anyone, or facsimile thereof
Industrial shavings in the septum
Do you remember the brain freeze?
Do you remember the brain bleed?
I saw forty somethings dressed like teens
Steeping coca leaves in their tea
So I make another plastic bowl
Acrid feelings blocking these lame memories
Track Name: Epsilon
Drawn in Lectionary 226
The initial Epsilon
Folio 20 verso
The empty string
The reversed three
Heirs to Medieval miniscule
The inspiration to the Euro
The outermost planetary ring
The operator and the substitution method
Folio 64 verso
The hurricane
An arbitrarily small positive quantity
Update the glyph through modern cursive
Elasticity, unicode, unicode
Track Name: Fishing Spot
Deep river by the body parts factory
The smell of new life emerges as something familiar
And I am repulsed and intrigued at once
When I can pinpoint the sounds of a heart that thumps
Can't say I'm not desensitized to acid burn tragedies
Just fishing deep river by the body parts factory
Pulling up cross bred amphibians that jizz red
Chronic hematoma of some ventricle
That's beyond my medical knowledge
In the air before me, words read:
You're something without nothing if you're nothing without something
Irradiated by a goddamn frog beast
Night sky turns blue, my blistered heart begins to quiver
Fly fishing in the toxic current, deep river