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A collaboration between artists who share much in common with not only their goals of their art, but in their intensities and the approaches to their styles. DIY musicianship extends from the recording process itself to the instruments used, from the homemade to the found, to the guitars and synthesizers. The beats buzzsaw their way through nightmarish soundscapes and tales of horror to cynical pop noise and rhythmic hypnotic satire. The mundane aspects of life reemerge as mutated philosophies twisting into subconscious and conscious thought like a psychedelic corkscrew.


released August 5, 2013

Corroded Master:
Vincent Glenn Gauthier-Bradner - Vocals Works, Programming and All Instruments
Mixed and Mastered by Vincent Glenn Gauthier-Bradner

Partner Artifact:
Ashley Sackett - Bass, FX, Kaossilator, Steel Guitar, Synthesizers
Jacobb Sackett - Drums/Beats, FX, Guitars, Synthesizers, Vocals
Mixed and Mastered by Jacobb and Ashley Sackett

Cover art by John Facey



all rights reserved


Partner Artifact Boise, Idaho

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Track Name: Aristotle By A Thread - Partner Artifact
I met Aristotle on a message board
He wears a ghost face in the thumbnail
And has 25 aliases
He speaks with words much above his comprehension level
He posts pictures of his friend's friend's friend and calls it him
He questions all authority without second thought
Here sits, the sad state of the modern philosopher
He goes through tremendous mood swings
He's as predictable as night turning to day
105 photos, and only one has him in the picture
He's the behemoth in the background, a 500lb invisible entity
He understands politics better than me, he understands people better than me
Laws, sex, loneliness better than me
Rich in fatty acids state of modern philosophy
In one day, he explained to me the meaning of life
All religions, world history, weather patterns
He must be so popular in person
Track Name: Ground Scalps - Partner Artifact
Using push brooms on the freeway
Pushing the ground scalps into great pyramids
The orange ladies throw outdated cell phone chargers at riot squads
How do you replace a broken hipster?
Replacements, replacements
There's always plenty of replacements
Now go forth and watch history through stop motion animation
Prehistoric times flow to Ancient Egypt
The High Middle Ages
To white wigs and handlebar moustaches
Top hats and daggers
Tap dancing, swing dancing, coke snorting
Hippies and the disco and the popped collar manifestos
Leads all the way to striped shirts and huge jean shorts warriors
Who drink their 150 proof juice
And contribute more scalps to a modern work of art
Track Name: Roche Had A List - Partner Artifact
Roche had a list
Not pertaining to food or things to do
These names don't look familiar
But he knows them through and through
Roche had a list
Red gel pen ink for a dramatic submission
He sweats when he reads it
Needs to make the rounds for disorganized disposition
He's compelled
He's impulsive
He's pissed
He has a list