Spark En Masse

by Partner Artifact

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Recorded late January - early February 2014, this is Partner Artifact's 3rd official release. Ovation, Taylor and Martin acoustic guitars were used by Jacobb for all the main rhythm guitar tracks. Ashley added several layers of steel guitar to the tracks and some synthesizer accents. On "Could Be" and "These Moments Are For Ending", Jacobb and Ashley rigged a steel guitar up with extra delay by running it through a Boss Space Echo RE-20 pedal and a vintage Roland Space Echo RE-150 unit at the same time. The first three tracks were originally intended to be just a 3 track single, but "Could Be" and "These Moments Are For Ending" were written and added, making it a 5 track EP.


released February 21, 2014

All songs written and composed by Jacobb Sackett, except lyrics to "Could Be" written by Ashley and Jacobb Sackett.

Ashley Sackett - Steel Guitar, Synthesizer, Various Analog FX
Jacobb Sackett - Bass, Drums, Guitars, Various Analog FX, Vocals

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Partner Artifact at Third Bay Studio, Meridian, Idaho, USA

Cover Art: Ashley Sackett
Drum Recording Engineer: Clevin Spasmondeedi



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Partner Artifact Boise, Idaho

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Track Name: Spark En Masse
Seasoned wordsmith on acid
Thinks a thousand feet outside the box
Throws their words down on the world
And they’ll all turn into blots
Greatest wordsmith of our time
Became colors just by thinking
But it seems reality’s allergic
To the taste of the lysergic

Pure reactions
Pure reactions

Fairytales produced in mass
Happy endings never last
Pure reactions spark en masse
We saw the present but we just passed
Greatest wordsmith of our time
Became feelings just by breathing
His new philosophies teach us not to fear it
And tracers are disembodied spirits

Pure reaction
Pure reaction
Track Name: Predictive Programming
Consistently translucent communication
The messages came through frame by frame
Blurry 3 frame section shows a crowd throwing wreathes over your solemn convoy
Carrying with it the body of nobody but also of something deceiving
This was a premonition, somewhere between the broadcast and the button pushing

On demand

Publish a book to make sense of these irrational conclusions
Produce an essay writing down every scientific notation of this new logic
That which was once but a simple conspiracy theory is now universal law
Predictive programming gave me two more years with my spouse
Before she was reduced to fat from controller batteries

On demand
Track Name: (Mental) Blocks
Now I wanna handle this without too much nihilism
But my mother didn’t raise me to treat a lady but to treat alcoholism
And come to think of it I view it all with cynicism
But this whole verse was just a rhyme to end with “euphemism”


Now a woman void of color paints a vivid picture it seems
She lays her brush against canvas land looking for something to redeem
But in my opinion it’s a metaphor for a search for self esteem
And to think I think of all these things while I try and make you scream
It’s -


Fortunate minds and the fortunate looking are doomed to a fragile future
It takes the piss out of the point when you pigeonhole the sutures
Held together by string that is more loose than yours maternal
You’re finally grasping the phallic fallacy that beauty is something eternal
And it’s-

Bongs, blocks, box, blocks
Will come down
Track Name: Could Be
In every sore thought and tip finger vibe
Levitation feeling hides.
A suede pod light fills,
Full mouth, tongue wide.
There’s a hole in the wall
Where there stands a staring man
With no face and hands
But 25 foot tentacle glands

Is it just a metaphor for promiscuity?
It could be, it could be

Black mass hangs
Obscured blinds inside
Reflection sprung and displayed
Mounted, above head high
And when the tide cums
Will it gel with you?
And when dawn cums,
Will it stick with you?
Yes when the tide cums, will it gel with you?
And when dawn cums, will it stick to you?
Track Name: These Moments Are For Ending